Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 Year End Holiday Hours

We're less than three weeks away from 2019!  Our holiday hours start this coming Monday. 

Please note our holiday hours for the remainder of the year and plan your visits to us accordingly.  Don't forget - even when we're closed, you still have access to a selection of audio books, eBooks, and eMagazines through RB Digital.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Cozy Christmas Mysteries

In A Christmas Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke, Hannah Swenson recalls a Christmas many years ago. "With her dream of opening The Cookie Jar taking shape, Hannah’s life matches the hectic December hustle and bustle in Lake Eden—especially when she agrees to help recreate a spectacular Christmas Ball from the past in honor of Essie Granger, an elderly local in hospice care. But instead of poring over decadent dessert recipes for the merry festivities, she instantly becomes enthralled by Essie’s old notebooks and the tale of a woman escaping danger on the streets of New York. Hannah’s surprised by Essie’s secret talent for penning crime fiction. She’s even more surprised when the story turns real. As Hannah prepares to run a bakery and move out of her mother’s house, it’ll be a true miracle if she can prevent another Yuletide disaster by solving a mystery as dense as a Christmas fruitcake." (from

As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles is a cozy mystery by Leslie Budewitz. "Erin is one smart cookie, but can she keep the holiday spirit―and herself―alive till Christmas? In Jewel Bay, all is merry and bright. At Murphy's Mercantile, AKA the Merc, manager Erin Murphy is ringing in the holiday season with food, drink, and a new friend: Merrily Thornton. A local girl gone wrong, Merrily has turned her life around. But her parents have publicly shunned her, and they nurse a bitterness that chills Erin. When Merrily goes missing and her boss discovers he's been robbed, fingers point to Merrily―until she's found dead, a string of lights around her neck. The clues and danger snowball from there. Can Erin nab the killer―and keep herself in one piece―in time for a special Christmas Eve? Includes delicious recipes!" (from

Christmas comes to Zinnia, Mississippi―Sarah Booth Delaney must solve a case as the holiday approaches, in A Gift of Bones from Carolyn Haines. "Christmas is just around the corner and Sarah Booth and Tinkie are preparing for a festive holiday season. After a turbulent season of solving cases, they’re ready for some holiday cheer. Sarah Booth and Sheriff Coleman Peters have finally gotten together, and this is the first holiday they’re celebrating as a couple. Sarah Booth busies herself with decking the halls and daydreaming about romantic Christmas nights with Coleman. Then her friend Cece Dee Falcon shows up needing Sarah Booth’s help―right now. She shows Sarah Booth a box that was delivered by courier and left at Cece’s front porch. It contains a lock of hair, a photograph of a pretty young woman, very pregnant, and a note demanding ransom for the return of the teen. Cece reveals that this is her cousin’s daughter, Eve Falcon, and that she’d lost touch with this part of her family years ago. Eve and Cece had been close, until the family had a terrible falling out, and banished Cece from their lives. The countdown begins as the kidnapper pushes for payment―or else, he threatens, Eve will meet her maker. It’s up to Sarah Booth and her friends to find the girl before something terrible happens on what should be the merriest day of the year." (from

Anne Perry delights with her Victorian Christmas mystery, A Christmas Revelation. "Formerly a river urchin living on the banks of the Thames, nine-year-old Worm has never experienced a family Christmas. But thanks to a job at Hester Monk’s clinic in Portpool Lane, he’s found a makeshift family in kindly volunteer Miss Claudine Burroughs and curmudgeonly old bookkeeper Squeaky Robinson. When Worm witnesses the abduction of a beautiful woman by a pair of ruffians just days before Christmas, he frantically turns to Squeaky for help. A one-time brothel owner, Squeaky knows the perils of interfering in nasty business, but he can’t bear to disappoint Worm—or leave the boy to attempt a rescue on his own. What neither of the would-be saviors expects, however, is that the damsel in distress already has her dilemma well in hand . . . and is taking steps to bring her captors to justice for crimes far worse than kidnapping. But the rogues, as cunning as they are deadly, are not to be underestimated. The aid of cynical old Squeaky and hopeful young Worm just might make the difference between a merry triumph over evil and a terrible yuletide tragedy." (from

Finally, one of my favorite cozy series has a new title--Six Cats a Slayin' (A Cat in the Stacks Mystery) by Miranda James. "December twenty-fifth is right around the corner, and Charlie is making his list and checking it twice. He is doing his best to show some peace and goodwill toward his nosy neighbor Gerry Arbitron, a real estate agent who seems to have designs on his house (and maybe on him, as well), while preparing for a very important role, indeed--his first Christmas as a grandfather.
The last thing Charlie expects is to gain several new additions to his family. Charlie finds a box on his doorstep with five kittens inside and a note begging him to keep them safe. With Diesel's help, Charlie welcomes the tiny felines into the Harris household just as Gerry decides it is time to throw a lavish holiday party. Determined to make her mark on Athena, Gerry instead winds up dead at her very own party. Though attempts to dig into her past come up empty, Charlie and his girlfriend, Helen Louise, witness two heated exchanges involving Gerry before her death: one with a leading citizen and another with the wife of a good friend. Will one of these ladies wind up on the sheriff's naughty list? Charlie and Diesel have to wrap up the case before the special season is ruined by a sinister scrooge." (from

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

It's a Cookie Countdown to Christmas!

Starting December 1st, we will be featuring 25 different cookbooks with cookie recipes, old and new.  Follow us on Facebook as we showcase cookies and cookie decorating.  Find your perfect holiday favorites!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Holiday!

We Will Re-Open Regular Hours on Monday, November 26, 2018.
Please Enjoy the Time with Your Family and Friends.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Hard as it might be to believe, Thanksgiving is next week.  Please be aware of our holiday hours and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

If you need something new to read while we are closed, don't forget the selection of audio books, eBooks, and eMagazines that are available on RB Digital.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thanksgiving Is Here! (Almost)

If you haven't already, it's time to start preparing for the big meal. Perhaps you want to try something new; or maybe you want to stick with the classics, but are unsure of your abilities. Why not check out one of the following books to help you get an idea of what to serve your friends and family (or what to take with you)?

Happy Cooking!

First up, is Southern From Scratch: Pantry Essentials and Down-Home Recipes by Ashley English. This beautifully photographed cookbook begins with 50 essentially Southern recipes and the pantry staples you'll need in order to make these from scratch. Then, you'll move on to fresh takes on the classics that will have you making the most of fresh, local ingredients. Once you have the jams and jellies, pickles and relishes, sauces and vinegars down pat, you'll have the bases for more flavorful recipes. This book is definitely where to start for traditional Southern dishes as well as new takes on old classics.

The final two books come from America's Test Kitchen. First is How to Roast Everything: A Game-Changing Guide to Building Flavor in Meat, Vegetables, and More. This indispensable guide to roasting has collected years of test kitchen experience to help cooks of all skill levels master the art of roasting. You will learn that what you buy and how you prep is just as important as knowing how to roast. There are ten essential roasts showcased here: from chicken to beef and pork to salmon. The rest of the chapters are arranged by protein or vegetable and fruit and are chocked full of new and innovative recipes. So, go ahead and enjoy Lemon Roast Chicken, Chinese Barbecued Pork, Warm Cauliflower Salad, and Bulgur-Stuffed Roasted Eggplant. YUM!

The second book, The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook, is exactly what it sounds like: a comprehensive guide to the recipes and product tests from all the seasons of the show 2001 -2018. I love watching these episodes on PBS, but if you would like to have an accessible copy of the recipes, this is the book for you. Salads, soups, stews, meats, veggies, and desserts are all covered, along with various product reviews from over the years and quick peeks behind the scenes at the television show. The beginning of each chapter has a table of contents as well as a comprehensive index in the back, just after the shopping guide which includes equipment and ingredients.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Too busy watching for trick-or-treaters to watch a show?  Why not listen to a horrifying tale on audio book?

You might want to keep a light on.